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Web Weaving
The Early Years
Educated Design
BUILDING DESIGN Client: Drawing Board Atlanta
Hired upon a referral, I completely redesigned and updated this website to its full capacity and continue to do regular updates. Art direction, photo management, design and coding.
MANUFACTURING Client: Atlanta Grotnes
The website for Atlanta Grotnes, a metal forming equipment manufacturer, can be found at "" I took the approved comp provided by the art director, designed the interior page templates and coded the original site much is still utilized in the current site.
ADVERTISING AGENCY Client: Designasorus
A group of dinosaurs (Madmen) from the Golden Age of Advertising who ditched their careers upon the rise of the computer, reconvened for a another go at it with
Designasorus. I was pulled on board as "computer wizard," took the direction of the art director, and produced this website.
The Literate Citizen
The Art of Joel Barr
Barclay Properties Group
EDUCATIONClient: Mary Grabar, Ph.D.
A blog site offering an insider's perspective on higher education. Design, stock photo selection, production. (No longer active)
Extensive portfolio site for acclaimed painter of oil and mixed media, I created an animation of paintings on the original splash page (above) and full portfolio of six galleries . Concept, graphic design, production and web updates.

REAL ESTATE Client: Alan D. Gruber, Managing Broker, Barclay Properties Group, Inc. 
I created an online portfolio of the client's commercial and residential real estate listings and presented information about his business brokerage and asset management services. (No longer active)

The Other White People
BullzEye Medical
Ethos-IDS Group, Inc.
CULTURE Client: Mary Grabar, writer
A blog-site for those who still believe in the American values of freedom, hard work, faith, and self determination; part of a web suite I designed including and Grabar's portfolio site; worked closely with the client in culling vintage photography and stylizing for concept. (No longer active)
MEDICAL Client: Bullzeye Medical
A return client, this startup company for value-priced stethoscopes called for a logo design, stationary suite, and website design and production. (No longer active)

One-page internet storefront/calling card for Ethos Fuel Reformulator. (No longer active)


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